Earlier this afternoon, I read a post from a fellow Opponaut, reminiscing about his times with his fellow ‘JDM’ friends and, most notably, talking about the relation between the ‘JDM stickers’ and the JDM scene in general.

Bud, this is not a personal attack towards you or your views/opinions, even though I recall you calling the JDM crowd ‘immature’, which were not...;).


This is more of a......rant if you will, about the viewpoint of a lot of people regarding the ‘JDM crowd’. You see, I’m part of that crowd. I count myself a car enthousiast, of course, as pretty much all of us do around here, but I can’t hide my love for JDM cars.

Old, new, beat up, pristine condition, it doesnt matter to me. There’s something that Japanese cars have, mind you, not all of them, but a lot of them, that you just cant find anywhere else.


Whether its rust in weird places, quirky unrealibility issues, wankel engine replacements that nobody seems to have a problem with, if youve had a Japanese car, you probably have a similar story. Well, it’s either that, or it’s the ‘I’ve had a Corolla for 7 years and never had a problem’ version.

As with nearly every car brand, car type and/or car model, there’s a gathering behind it. Enthousiasts, owners, fans, hell, you’ll even have a whole crowd of haters and bashers. There’s always two sides to the coin.


I, too, am a part of such a crowd of enthousiast, owners and fans. I started off with a Miata (what else?) six years ago. Loved everything about the little friend, but what caught me off guard and what I loved even more was the fanbase and gathering behind the whole ‘Miata’ world.

It was incredible. I could write a whole paragraph about my experience with fellow Miata owners, all positive, but I don’t think I need to do that. I honestly think we, here at Oppo, know what that feels like. I’ve been a fan and enthousiast of this website for a very long time, used to post with a different profile too and I seriously believe all of you know what I’m talking about.


Owning the Miata not only got me in the Miata Owners crowd, but it got me into an even larger crowd, the JDM crowd. Now this is a whole different beast. This was like comparing the fanbase of your local panflute band to the screaming teenagers of Justin Bieber.

Its a huge, worldwide club of people that love and, surprisingly, hate certain Japanese rides. Yes, there are even haters among us. It was a group, for me personally, of people that I had to get used to. Most of the folks I met through JDM groups and meetings were friendly, chill-out guys and girls just trying to have a good time with their JDM rides. Sure, there was the ocassional douchenozzle spewing his guts all over other peoples cars, but hey, that’s become a normality these days.


My initial spark of inspiration to start this piece about what I lovingly call ‘my friends’, the JDM crowd I have gotten to know and love, was not only that thread by our fellow Opponaut. It was more the fact that our fellow Opponaut is not the only person thinking this way. Whether it be the relation between those idiotic stickers and JDM or the ‘JDM cars are best, f*ck you’ people or the streetracers, I can’t deny a certain stigma involving the JDM group.

I also can’t defend every single person within this enthousiast club, what I can do however, is tell you that not all of us are that one fartcan Hondabro or ‘I-drift-the-streetz’ 240sz driver. We might not be as refined as your local E-Type club or as quiet as your Tesla club, but we’re not all immature douchebags either.


Have a nice night!


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